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Who am I?

Jenny Dahan, a multi-facet woman with many flowers to my life bouquet: former globe-trotter, senior manager, graduated from top business schools, spouse, mother, friend, sister, daughter, aunt, godmother, and coach.

Happy to radiate today and to help the ones who want the same!

«Let your Sun shine»

The promise of a transformation

Would you like to become grounded, master of time and of your well-being? Do you (often) feel distracted, victim of Time, depleted from any resource, worried, dependent on the recognition of others, disconnected from your own needs, irritated by what others say or think about you …

You have within you the power to become master of time, free to choose your schedule, to intentionally live the course of your days, to be present, open with an energy of abundance that guides you on a daily basis.

A comprehensive programme experienced and tested

Today you don’t know well (or at all) how to connect with your intuition and maintain that connection in order to decide for yourself which is the best choice to make. You do not know well (or not at all) how to welcome your unpleasant emotions. Your relationship to yourself is not optimal, your relationship to others suffers, and you think of money, time, or your creativity in derogatory terms.

I hold the space so you can see more clearly, what really matters for you. I facilitate the inner voice inside you, which will bring you peace and confidence. I ask you the right questions at the right time. I give you all the tools to practice the connection with your mind, your emotions and your intuition in a lasting way and find abundance in your relationship to yourself, to others, and in your relationship to money, time and to your creativity.

I allow you to shine your inner sun and live fully in the present, in full awareness.

So that my experience can benefit other parents

The spring 2020 confinement was experienced differently by everyone, but most parents working from home with young children had a similar experience: days that were difficult to juggle between work, domestic logistics, children; tiring nights trying to make up for the unfinished business of the day… I found myself in this category of confined people: weekends merged with weekdays and it went on and on. The constraint was less the lack of space than the lack of time. Even trained by HEC & London Business School my Intellect could not resist a persistent feeling of anxiety linked to a lack of control (the untimely interruptions of the little ones …) and scarcity (lack of time …). I then wondered about the functioning of my brain, my emotions and another part of myself: my Intuition. That part of me which by dint of being questioned gives a lasting feeling of peace, and which warms me up like the bright flames of a lovely fireplace. This Intuition, we all have it within us. Male or female, with or without children, old or younger. Sometimes we deliberately turn to itin times of difficulty (“Breathe harder, calm down, what do you really want to do?”). Sometimes we connect to it without knowing it, it is this peace that one can feel during a beautiful walk in nature. If we pay attention to it on a daily basis, intentionally, it can guide us in all our decisions (professional, relational, civic, as well as in our choices impacting our health). But overloaded schedules, especially when we are working parent, make us forget that this little internal light still exists within us.

Today I finally figured out how to become sovereign of my time and well-being again. After a life coaching inspired by Brooke Castillo, I finally followed the training of « Inner Voice Facilitator » (« Inner Voice Facilitator ») from Jess Lively, the absolute referent in the field of Intuition, in order to be able to accompany other people in a lasting transformation, which leads them to let their Sun Shine, in full consciousness.

A 12-week programme

My program covers the functioning of the brain versus intuition, emotions, self-love, your relationship to others, your freedom (with regard to yourself and others), your relationship to money and time, and your creativity (and its cycles). My programme will allow you to use and practice these tools in full autonomy.

This 12-week support program is structured in:

  • 6 sessions of explanation of the bricks of my programs followed by practical exercises that will allow you to understand, observe and receive everything that comes from these 3 parts of you (brain, emotions, intuition) with exercises between each session, including for your children.
  • 5 individual interview sessions of your intuition and Q&A of 2 hours covering your relationship to yourself, to others, and your relationship to money, time and to your creativity.

If you’d like to know more, I’ll be happy to answer your questions in a (free) consultation call. To book this consultation: click below!

Thank you very much Jenny for your kind support. This helped a lot [..] in short I got this message: « You are abundant, you are a port of all. If all is abundance You are a part of abundance You are abundance. If all is love You are a part of love You are love, If all is light you are part of light you are light » . This literally blew me away […] You gave very nice pictures / metaphors which work for my mind. […] I know we’ll meet again. I am very grateful! 

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