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témoignages/ feedback

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    Jenny you were great, thank you so much for all your support during our session.

    It was very nice to follow your guidance. It was an amazing experience, very new and intense for me. During the day after, I was able to experience life in a more fun, peaceful and loving way. I begin to understand and feel that my “natural” state is not to struggle, but to enjoy my experience as a human being. I am more able to observe myself. And I feel more detached, so I can allow what is more easily.

    Jenny did a wonderful job in directing me into connecting with my IV. It was a bit challenging for me to do at first but she intuitively knew the best way to guide me deeper and her questions in doing so were very helpful to keep me on track. She quickly was able to adapt her questions to my IV if I didn’t have an answer in that moment. The quick and strong blowing technique didn’t resonate with me but Jenny helped guide my intuition towards showing us the slower and deeper breathe it preferred for my mind to stay calm. And I was eventually really able to feel the space between my mind and my IV…something I don’t feel often! I hope to continue using what I experienced from our session together in my daily life. And I know Jenny will do a beautiful job in helping many people connect with their true selves!

    Merci Jenny pour ces 2h. Tu mets en confiance et ta voix et tes conseils m’ont guidé à l’intérieur de moi. Comme je te disais, je ne sais pas si j’ai entendu ma voix intérieure ou si je l’ai imitée avec mon cerveau mais j’ai senti une émotion captive se libérer de manière très intense et j’ai senti l’énergie circuler en moi comme jamais.

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    Thank you very much Jenny for your kind support. This helped a lot [..] in short I got this message: « You are abundant, you are a port of all. If all is abundance You are a part of abundance You are abundance. If all is love You are a part of love You are love, If all is light you are part of light you are light » . This literally blew me away […] You gave very nice pictures / metaphors which work for my mind. […] I know we’ll meet again. I am very grateful! 

    I did my inner voice session with Jenny and it was beautiful. She asked the right questions at the right time and helped to connect even deeper with my IV. Very grateful for our time together.

    I’m very grateful I was able to have this time dedicated to my inner voice. It’s a very beautiful encounter. Jenny is an amazing guide and offered the right frame to allow this experience to happen. It seems to me that I’m approaching now my everyday experience in a more joyful, loving and peaceful way.

    Thank you Jenny

    Merci Jenny pour ta voix douce et tes conseils qui m’ont entraînée avec confiance et paix à l’intérieur de moi!

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